Today, the future of modern companies relies on the daily confrontation with different business cultures and constantly changing economic, financial, fiscal, and legal issues.

Every possibility for development needs to be linked to the ability to face and overcome cultural barriers and technical obstacles. For CP & PARTNERS this not only represents the minimum requisite in terms of professional ethics, but also, and above all, a commitment in terms of responsibility towards our clients.

Strategic financial diagnosis and consulting

Strategic business diagnosis and consulting activities are based on an in-depth analysis of the company’s strategies followed by an assessment of the validity of the business formula and of the competitive level in relation to the company’s plans for development or change..

Company management planning

Once the strategic profile of the company has been defined according to the agreed investment and development plans, it is important to identify and implement suitable management planning and control activities. In an environment as competitive as the current one, it is essential to maintain a certain stability in fundamental areas (economical-financial-patrimonial) and to maximise their worth..

Company and group assessment

The current competitive scenario is characterised by a high level of structural dynamics and company assessment is a fundamental issue both in terms of extraordinary financial transactions (company re-organisation, mergers & acquisitions, realisation of International corporate structures, external contracting, etc.) and the choice of company strategies where the criteria adopted involves the creation of value as an indication of performance..

Company re-organisation

The present competitive environment is highly unstable and increasingly integrated and technologically evolved, and forces companies to create a flexible structure that can adapt to the dynamics of the environment for the purpose of pursuing strategic objectives and implementing investment programs..

Corporate reorganisation and generation change

Corporate reorganisation consists of restructuring companies on the basis of new patrimonial, economical, and financial criteria. Reorganisation often involves companies belonging to a group or linked by economical contractual obligations, or corporate partnerships..

Leveraged and Management

Leveraged and management buy-outs involve individual companies or Groups and their main objective is to re-launch the business and/or their external contracting..

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are aimed mainly at:
obtaining a suitable dimensional scale;
obtaining a dynamic position on the market;
the possibility of controlling foreign markets through companies already present there;
reducing the business risk to zero through the internal diversification of the business;
the possibility of creating synergies;
improving the debt capacity.

International tax planning

The end of the ‘90s and beginning of this century have been characterised by a strong internationalisation of the economy and Italian businesses have had to face tough competitive challenges..

Legal services

The growing level of professional competence in today’s business relations calls for a know-how that covers the wide sector of legal advice and assistance in civil, criminal and administrative fields, both in and out of court. CP & Partners can count on a team of professional lawyers specialised in these areas and in financial and corporate issues in particular..

Consultancy on labor matters

The proper management, development and the careful analysis of human resources is becoming increasingly important in modern enterprises.
In this perspective, CP & Partners offers a complete advice service on labor matters..