Company and group assessment

The current competitive scenario is characterised by a high level of structural dynamics and company assessment is a fundamental issue both in terms of extraordinary financial transactions (company re-organisation, mergers & acquisitions, realisation of International corporate structures, external contracting, etc.) and the choice of company strategies where the criteria adopted involves the creation of value as an indication of performance.

Since the end of the twentieth century the “classical” methods of assessment (economical, patrimonial, mixed revenue-patrimony) widely used in Europe gradually gave way to a “market” oriented approach (E.V.A., Discounted Cash Flow, Adjusted Present Value, real options), based on the Anglo-Saxon system.

The value of a company expressed by financial markets takes increasingly less consideration of company history, profits and tends instead to reflect the company’s “potential”. When assessing a company the quality of its projects, its ability to formulate a credible development plan, and the availability of the resources necessary to put that plan into practise are evaluated. This approach requires great professional competence, which CP & Partners possess as they are able to recognize the distinguishing features of each individual business enterprise.