Company management planning

Once the strategic profile of the company has been defined according to the agreed investment and development plans, it is important to identify and implement suitable management planning and control activities. In an environment as competitive as the current one, it is essential to maintain a certain stability in fundamental areas (economical-financial-patrimonial) and to maximise their worth.

This changed outlook has created new areas of action for CP & Partners:

  • analysis and assessment of the company’s internal auditing system in terms of resources used, procedures put into practise, instruments used and results obtained;
  • identification of critical areas in relation to the various company processes and the definition or corrective action within the logic of a “proactive” rather than a “reactive” risk management;
  • support during the preparation of operational programs, the elaboration of budgeting procedures, the planning and realisation of analytical accounting systems, and the rationalisation of management reporting systems and business intelligence.