Consultancy on labor matters

The proper management, development and the careful analysis of human resources is becoming increasingly important in modern enterprises.
In this perspective, CP & Partners offers a complete advice service on labor matters.

Here below you can find a brief description of some of our services:

  • advice and assistance in corporate relationships: contracts, conventions etc.
  • management of all economic, legal, social insurance and security and accounting obligations connected to employment relationships;
  • assistance and representation of the companies in out of court differences, mediation and arbitration proceedings arising out of employment and self employment relationships, also with the help and collaboration of the legal team;
  • assistance and representation in contentious matters with Social Security and Insurance Institutions and State Labor Department;
  • technical consultancy in Court and technical assistance;
  • assistance in tax litigations before commissions and offices of the Financial Administration;
  • techniques for analyzing business costs for the pricing of the product or service.